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3 Generations

An article in today’s USA Today (November 23, 2011) provides statistics on the new reality of family living. There are 5.1 Million multi-generational families living together in 2010 up from 4.2 million in the year 2000. This means three or more generations are living under one roof. The implications for the workplace are far reaching.
{EAV_BLOG_VER:6d6748bd507bad5e} If someone had told me a year ago that I would be jumping off of a bridge over raging rapids with a cord tied around my chest I would have said you were crazy! On September 30th I did just that! My family and I went to Whistler Bungee and we proceeded to each bungee jump in our own way. My daughter jumped tandem with her boyfriend, my husband went backwards and I jumped forwards.