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Future of Work A Culture of Meaning and Purpose
Future of Work = A Culture of Meaning and Purpose

In a Future of Work Infographic  we researched the top 'trends' that are shaping the future of work. One of the infographic statistics states that 68% of employees feel their company doesn’t create a culture in which employees have a sense of purpose and meaningful impact....

Art of Change Leadership by Cheryl Cran
Press Release – Cheryl Cran Book Signing Feb 3rd 2016

Press Release Author of “The Art of Change Leadership” Cheryl Cran Announces Exciting Book Signing at Indigo Books, Bay & Bloor, Toronto To say there's a lot of conversation around Cheryl Cran's “The Art of Change Leadership – Driving Transformation in a Fast Paced World”, would be...

The Future of Work: 2016 The Workforce Awakens
Future of Work : 2016 The Year the Workforce Awakens

The future of work is here now - is 2016 the year that the workforce awakens? Star Wars - The Force Awakens has surpassed the one billion dollar mark in twelve days of release. Whether you are a fan or not there has definitely been an...

2016 Start
Future of Work – Predictions for 2016

The future of work is now and therefore rather than look at the year 2020 let's take a look at what the next year will bring for businesses in 2016. Based on research of technology, demographics, HR strategies and more here are predictions for 2016: PC World...

Good to Better Leadership Development
The NEW & Untapped Secret of Leadership Development

There is a new & untapped secret of leadership development. Leadership development is a broad and expansive topic. Just enter the words into Google and you will get 94,400,000 results. My research into the future of work and change leadership  with hundreds of clients reveals that there...

"Your evaluation will be based on what you do in the next 30 seconds."
Real Time Performance Reviews – The Future of Work

A few days ago I was the keynote speaker on the 2nd day of a large project manager conference - when my keynote on evolutionary leadership was over the MC asked me, "what is a dinosaur of a leadership process that has to be changed...

Cheryl Cran Makes The List of “Best 50 Leadership Blogs” Again

Vancouver, BC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/23/2015 -- Cheryl Cran has once again been given the honor of making the annual list of the "Best 50 Leadership Blogs." For over 20 years Cheryl Cran has been advising hundreds of clients in over a dozen countries on how...

Book And Infographic
The “Art of Change Leadership” – Just Released

Author Cheryl Cran Announces Release of “The Art of Change Leadership - Driving Transformation in a Fast Paced World” There's no doubt that workplaces have changed dramatically in the last few years. Unfortunately, many organizations haven't adjusted their approach to be able to perform optimally in...

When Change Management Fails

Change management isn't new - it has been around for a long time and there are fantastic experts that have guided many leaders and organizations to implement phenomenal changes. Experts including John Kotter the guru on change have provided ideas and strategies for companies to manage...