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Evolutionary Keynotes

What is the best investment an organization can make to prepare for the future of work today and achieve unparalleled success?

…Advance the Resourcefulness of it’s People!

Adaptive, Innovative People Who Are Excited and Engaged, and Are the Key to a Thriving Organization

For over 20 years I have researched and participated in many human potential programs in search for bettering myself and also in search of the latest techniques for improving leadership performance.

The work of Dr. Donald Epstein is by far the most advanced and the most integrated concepts/teachings I have come across in the past 20 years.

Epstein Technologies is the accumulation of the research and models created that have been validated by numerous Universities and have already helped thousands of people globally increase health, well being and success.

We have collaborated with Epstein Technologies to bring the concepts and applications to the business world. The Epstein Technologies Corporate Program brings the teachings to businesses in the form of Keynotes, Seminars and Training programs.

The companies who will be interested in these programs will have the following ideologies in common:

  • The organization is fast paced, highly technological and dynamic
  • The CEO recognizes the need for leaders to have ‘superhuman OS’ in order to lead change effectively
  • The leaders have had leadership training AND they are ready for the highest level of leadership tools available
  • The leaders recognize that they need ‘human resourcefulness’ in order to create a company that provides shared value for its employees and its customers
  • The company is focused on ‘reorganizing’ to a focus of providing added value consistently to employees and clients

These extraordinary programs have never been released before in the Corporate arena and within a month of release major organizations like Unilever and Sony are  on board and learning (r) evolutionary ways to advance the resourcefulness of their people.

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Revolutionary Future Skills Keynotes / Seminars

If there is one word that organizations dislike it’s ‘reorganization’ and yet what does it really mean? Often misunderstood, reorganization can have not only a good meaning, it can actually save your job, your company and your life.

Reorganization implies change – and that can be intimidating. In the workforce employees need to be able respond to rapidly changing market and job demands. The true concern for most people is not change per se, but the fear of not having the resources to make progress with the change.

But what if we can change the way people view change?

What if we can create a culture where change is not only valued as response-able business and living, but expected and used for innovation? If we can change the way people view change, we can create cultures that are more creative, energized and dynamic.

What does this mean from the corporation’s perspective? Increased engagement by all employees, increased employee retention, increased leadership capability and overall business growth.

How to Reorganize VS Restore an Organization’s Culture

This keynote is based on groundbreaking concepts based on years of university research and development by Epstein Technologies. The founder, Dr. Donny Epstein has discovered that the very same principles that create health and wellness in bodies can be applied to create a ‘healthy’ organization.

The concept of ‘reorganize’ from a change or business perspective is that if leaders in organizations and teams were focused on how they each individually ‘reorganize’ this will help transform the culture.

Intrigued? Find out how as individuals, the ‘lens’ with which we view change can determine the progress of an organization.

You will learn the differences between being an agent of change, and an agent of stability, they are both extremely important.

Participants who attend will learn:

  • The difference between an organization that is focused on ‘restoring’ norms and an organization that is focused on a ‘reorganizational’ culture. Remember in today’s world there is no going back, only forward with individuals and the team.
  • How leaders can determine where they are on the restore vs. reorganize scale and increase energy and buy in from teams to stay focused on value of ‘reorganizing’ self.
  • How teams can take a look at the way they make decisions, collaborate or create using the ‘reorganizational’ lens.
  • Tools and tips to ensure you have the right person on the right job and the right job for the right person. All critical for your organization’s success!

This provocative message has never before been offered. Approved licensees of Epstein Technologies will provide insights, revolutionary ways to look at change and ideas to transform culture in organizations.


Many leaders and organizations focus on time management or increasing productivity AND there is a secret that when mastered, can help leaders and teams work with more ease, greater collaboration and increased performance. The secret is all about energy management as a skill and a tool for everyone to master.

Energy is the new currency of business…it’s the context for everything  and the central component in every thought, every decision and the productivity of our teams and ourselves. Think of this energy as the ‘context’ behind all success or failure- it is the secret ingredient.

In this dynamic program you will learn that ‘Energy States’ are applicable to the business itself as an entity and as each individual accesses his or her ‘energy rich’ state the opportunity for effortless growth increases.

This (r)evolutionary program is for CEO’s, leaders, HR professionals and managers looking for new and proven resources to help improve overall performance. With today’s increased pace of business the key is to learn how to leverage the energetic states.

In this program you will learn:

  • Assess your companies E State and find out how to access ‘energy rich’ to increase success in all areas of the business
  • The three different elements of energetic management and how companies can improve performance by mastering energetic awareness.
  • How to know the true energetic focus being used by your leaders, and how they can use this knowledge to leverage personal performance.
  • What to help the organization’s, leaders’ and teams’ energetic states to increase productivity and performance.

This Epstein Technologies program is based on (r)evolutionary concepts developed by Dr. Donny Epstein and is based on years of research validated by major universities.


Organizations and their leaders in today’s workplaces are looking for new tools and resources to increase motivation of teams and to further engage and retain employees.

The key in times of fast change and increasing stress is to find new ways of looking at ‘reorganization’. In the corporate context the term ‘reorganization’ has had a negative connotation AND today we can look at ‘reorganization’ through an innovative and revolutionary new model. In this program you will discover this new way of looking at ‘reorganization’ for companies and their leaders.

You will learn:

  • The ways to increase motivation and employee engagement by providing new and evolutionary insights into the term ‘reorganization’.
  • How companies and their leaders can assess whether they are ‘stuck in the status quo’ or primed for ‘optimum growth’ through personal reorganization.
  • Ideas, tools and resources to help your leaders and teams increase energy and commitment by focusing on a ‘reorganizational’ approach.

This Epstein Technologies program is based on (r)evolutionary concepts developed by Donny Epstein and is based on years of research in the health, wellness and personal development arenas.


What is it worth to you to have a distinction so powerful it helps you determine if a person is going to be successful or not, happy or not, whether the employee will engage or not?

What is it worth for you to know how to increase employee engagement significantly just by the way you approach them dependent upon their typology?

What is worth for you knowing that someone could suddenly become excited about a position they were once frustrated with without changing anything in the environment?

What is it worth for you to know who should be on which job based upon their nature? And…

What about when you have a dream or a vision that you want to impart to the leaders, managers and to the employees and you want to make sure they really get it? Our distinctions show you how you can language it effectively based upon this typology of two possibilities.

There are many existing tools that help leaders in a variety of different departments to better understand people such as Myers Briggs, DISC, and other personality profiles.

The new tool we explore in this program is (r)evolutionary in that it is the CONTEXT behind the content of all personality typologies.

Dr. Epstein’s research has shown that people either look at the world from an ‘internal’ perspective or an ‘external’ perspective. Each offers differing aptitudes and challenges. Awareness of one’s internal or external natural orientation and how to utilize this natural focus in one’s daily work and communications energizes and enables greater productivity and fulfillment. When a team of individuals are working together with the personal ‘nature’ of their own perspectives – their ability to work together improves and there is greater synergy.

In this program attendees will learn:

  • How an organization’s ‘lens’ is directed can determine success levels
  • Leaders and teams can optimize their effectiveness by knowing which ‘lens’ is his or her ‘way’ that can maximize results
  • By knowing your own ‘way’ and better understanding others ‘ways’ you can save time, increase synergy and maximize creativity in a team
  • By leveraging this focus, “perspective” leaders and teams can maximize personality awareness and personal effectiveness

Benefits of this program will include increased energy in individuals, maximized effectiveness, and greater team synergy.

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