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Fast Pace Of Change

Cheryl Cran Keynote Speaker and Author

The Speed of Change is Going to Get Faster

Are your leadership skills and strategies staying ahead of the speed of change? Are your leaders ready to drive transformation and innovation in a fast paced workplace? 

The pace of competition is speeding up and the competitive advantage right now and for the future is having leaders and employees who are quickly adaptable when faced with change and embrace change as exciting opportunities. Leaders who ‘lead change’ rather than react to forced change will lead the teams and organization in the direction it needs to go; being amazing growth and competitive advantage.

Solutions to deal with the ongoing and rapid pace of change include strategy assessment, change leadership training for leaders and teams, interactive workshops on the change cycle and how to identify where the company is on the cycle and where each leader is on the cycle. Along with the change wheel identification process Cheryl provides change management journey maps to guide overall company transformation as well as individual journey maps for the leaders and any other key people.

The only way to be agile and nimble in these times of fast paced change is to ‘upgrade the leadership OS’ (operating system) and to create a company culture of change champions who excitedly and strategically drive transformation. Cheryl is an expert in change leadership and working closely or on-on-one with Cheryl will provide outstanding results.


70% of change initiatives in businesses fail.

Leading Change, John Kotter


Up to 22% of any given group is made up of strong resistors.


3 of the top 7 priorities identified by CEOs deal with change.

The Top 3 Reasons that Change Initiatives Fail

Lack of Alignment Among Leadership 

Being on top of change and being leaders of change requires a commitment among the leadership to the direction and focus for the future. Many change initiatives fail because of forgetting to stay focused on the naysayers or the ‘no no’s’. There can be an assumption that once a direction or strategy has been agreed to that everyone will be on board. This is a false assumption. People are emotional beings and unless change leaders use a tool like the change cycle to stay focused on aligning people to the progress an entire change focus strategy can be derailed.

Lack of Vision and Energy to Sustain the Change Initiative 

Do you think it takes more energy to create something new or to keep things the way they are? Obviously it takes more energy to create something new AND the energy invested to create something new creates energy for the project and for the people. Because there are competing priorities for time often the initial energy and excitement for a project wanes and something that started out with so much promise, lacks momentum, fizzles out and doesn’t get fully executed. This is a frustrating outcome and often results in people becoming apathetic and saying things like, “Here we go again”. The key is to leverage the energy of the change influencers – those who have the highest energetic investment and passion for the change initiative.

The journey map to avoid the bumps in the road, the potential roadblocks and gets an organization to their destination successfully has been developed by Cheryl Cran and has been implemented with extraordinary results in organizations throughout the globe.

Lack of Communication in the Change Process

A change process is a project and like a project it requires milestones, opportunities to assess and planned time for celebration of successes along the way. Often a change process is started and as the process progresses one of the key success factors is overlooked. That key success component is constant and must be in all ongoing communication. A communication plan is a critical component and includes face to face with individuals using the change cycle as the tool also Skype for virtual follow up, Internal Intranet, Instant Messaging and more.

Cheryl Cran - CEO Author Speaker

You Need a Visionary Change Leadership Expert Who Is With You Every Step of the Way

Cheryl Cran offers a proven and holistic approach to help organizations thrive in times of fast paced change.

Cheryl Cran is a change leader, a change champion, with a deep passion for helping leaders and teams personally transform which then transforms the workplace. As CEO of Evolutionary Business Solutions Inc. Cheryl has developed, delivered, researched and written about evolutionary business and leadership growth strategies for many years. Thousands of individuals worldwide have benefitted from her change leadership strategies.

Her new book, “The Art of Change Leadership – Driving Transformation In a Fast Paced World” (Wiley) combines all of her research, her client stories and case studies of how her strategies transform people and businesses.

Lead Change Keynote

Cheryl Cran’s Lead Change Keynote is for leaders and their teams who are in through tough technological innovation and fast-paced change. This can be especially difficult among multi-generational teams.

Laying the foundation for change now is key to the success of your business. Leading change can be a realm that is tricky to navigate. In order to succeed, you will need to focus on the future and work hard to move forward with laser focus on results.

Change Leadership Consulting

Cheryl Cran’s consulting services will change the way you look at your fast-changing business. Her approach includes a wide variety of tools, some of which are in-depth assessments, analysis of key success factors, change leadership coaching and change leadership consulting which provide the tools and solutions for extraordinary results.

CEOs and Leaders who work with Cheryl have at least one thing in common; a strong desire to transform workplace challenges that are blocking progress into creating a future workplace today through change leadership strategies. Ready to plan your future today?

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