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Generation Y

Manage Upwards, Co-worker Managing UpwardsFinding opportunities to manage upwards is not always easy. I was recently working with a group of Gen X and Y leaders who are in the Commercial Real Estate industry. Often when I facilitate a workshop on change and we begin to discuss the impact of different generational attitudes as it relates to change there is a lot of interest. Zoomers (baby boomers who refuse to age) are still the largest leadership demographic in the workplace today and an inflexible Zoomer can be a real challenge for anyone but especially Gen X and Y. Research has confirmed that Gen X and Y are not loyal to a brand, rather they are loyal to a leader or the opportunities within the organization. When a Gen X or Y has a Zoomer boss who is attached to traditional methods, reluctant to explore new ideas or keeps information from the team it is extremely frustrating.  
peckI have been delivering presentation on the generations for many years and my book, "101 Ways to Make Generations X, Y and Zoomers Happy at Work" has been distributed globally. I am speaking at the Central Exchange Lyceum in Kansas a premier leadership event this month on how to work with each other in a multi-generational reality. Click here to find out more. One of the most common questions I get asked is, "isn't generations content a gross generalization?" or I get asked, "isn't it ageism?" My answer to both of those questions is that there are always differences within a structure and in the case of generations of course there are differences among a group of Gen X's as every one is unique and we have to factor in personality/gender/culture when talking about the generations. AND there is no denying that there is a values and perspective alignment that is part of the 'groups' we identify in the generations
you_are_special You may have seen the viral article published in the Huffington Post claiming that Gen Y's are full of self importance and because of the gap between their expectations and reality they are unhappy. The article labelled them as "GYPSY's" to read the article go here: I have trouble with the tone of this article and the one sided view from which it was written.
Have you ever wondered what the biggest challenges are that my clients are facing or that organizations are facing? Today I am going to share with you the three challenges that I would say
The recent Trendwatching 2012 report focused on ‘point and buy’ technology as being the biggest trend in 2012. It is an emerging trend as retailers pick up the technology. E-Bay is working on an app that when you point your smart phone at an item E-Baby will automatically look for the item and match it for you.
World News reported recently that new start ups by Gen X and Y are out to overthrow big business as rulers of the marketplace. Today’s entrepreneurs are catering to a new generation that would rather share cars than own them, raise capital from peers instead of borrowing from banks and live in communities versus own their own homes.
I recently spoke for a student leadership conference in Nanaimo BC- a tough audience! All Gen Y’s, all focused on their future, getting ahead and making a difference. This is a demographic that has the excitement for the future that we all start out with but for many Gen X and Zoomers we got lost and got stuck in an identity and then had to find our way out of what we thought we wanted.
It doesn’t matter which generation we are what matters is that each of us is leading change. We are no longer ‘managing’ change and we all know the demographic differences between the generations. It is time to focus on strategies and solutions that we can use to move forward and lead change.