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Generations and Technology

futureofworkThe future of work is here with us now.

What does it take for leaders and teams to be ready and to have the skills needed to match the speed of change and the speed of technology?

It takes a new operating system and specifically a new leadership operating system. Leaders and teams need to rewire the brain and to apply new evolutionary ways of thinking and doing things in order to morph to the fast changing business reality.

match   Everyone in the organization sets up a constitution with rules to adhere to. The group decides to distribute tasks. Those responsible for tasks own them. There is no micro-management. Brian Robertson     The above quote is from the founder of the Holacracy movement made known by the recent announcement from Zappos that the company has adopted the shared leadership model. This model and others that are being created are the future of leadership. Let’s face it in these times of fast paced technological change the current hierarchical structure cannot support speedy innovation nor does it inspire teams to work towards a mission. So does this mean no more ‘leaders’? Not really……


Let's face it it is more challenging for leaders today than it has been in the past. The evolution of technology and employee mindsets has created the need for leaders who are 'ninja's' who can quickly and easily shift to the workplace realities of today With the fast pace of technology in the workplace as it relates to the digital age is that we must look at leadership mastery as employing solid leadership strategies. This means being flexible in three areas, intellectual flexibility, and emotional flexibility as well as behavior flexibility. You cannot lead others through a fast pace of technology unless you yourself as a leader are able to navigate the ongoing fast pace with workable strategies.

Tue Jun 18, 2013 11:29 AM

Thought that mentorship schemes had to mean older, more established employees sharing their experience with your company’s fresher faces? Then it’s time to think again, says Matt Chittock Reverse mentoring is a new approach to workplace learning which neatly flips the concept of traditional mentoring on its head.

A lady I will call Sue just acquired a team from Mexico on her already virtual team. She is in the tech industry and her team consists of people in the US, Canada, and now Mexico. Sue has been a leader for many years but the shift to remote team management was in the past year.

As human beings we will always be connecting, will always look for social workplace solutions and with today’s technology we are moving closer to igniting a social workplace.
Things are moving faster than ever before, new policies, restructures, new CEO’s, new management all of these changes require us to be able to lead change quickly and effectively. This means being super adaptable- leaders who are the most adaptable are those who will be the most successful in the next decade.
I just got back from Orlando where I was on the program to deliver workshops on leadership skills for technology professionals. As a leadership expert I work with diverse industries and what I have noted after eighteen years working with CEO’s and leaders from each industry is what each industry has in common: the need for enhanced leadership skills.

Innate Leadership or Learned Leadership?

Is leadership innate or learned? Clients ask me this a lot and my answer is that leadership is both innate and learned. Now, that may not be what you expected to hear from me and maybe an ambiguous answer but here is what I have learned