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Innovation in the Workplace

What sets apart a leader and a highly innovative leader? What are the differences in how an innovative leader thinks, creates and executes? Highly innovative leaders have learned to explore others opinions, to mine data from the past and present and to constantly ask questions of ‘everyone’. Often,...

Be future of work ready with the top ten future of work innovators. Are you scared or excited about the future of work? The future of work is coming at us all rapidly - robotics, AI and automation are very real and they are here now. The...

One of the biggest opportunities for organizations to be future ready now is to help people to hone their creativity muscle. 83% of CEO's say that they worry about their leaders ability to innovate and create at the speed of change. Why is there a 'creativity gap'...

There has been a lot of social media buzz about robotics and the impact on the workplace. Some industries such as manufacturing are embracing the robotics revolution as it solves the shortage of worker dilemma for repetitive tasks that can be programmed. The fear of robots...

A few days ago I was the keynote speaker on the 2nd day of a large project manager conference - when my keynote on evolutionary leadership was over the MC asked me, "what is a dinosaur of a leadership process that has to be changed...

futureofworkThe future of work is here with us now.

What does it take for leaders and teams to be ready and to have the skills needed to match the speed of change and the speed of technology?

It takes a new operating system and specifically a new leadership operating system. Leaders and teams need to rewire the brain and to apply new evolutionary ways of thinking and doing things in order to morph to the fast changing business reality.

match   Everyone in the organization sets up a constitution with rules to adhere to. The group decides to distribute tasks. Those responsible for tasks own them. There is no micro-management. Brian Robertson     The above quote is from the founder of the Holacracy movement made known by the recent announcement from Zappos that the company has adopted the shared leadership model. This model and others that are being created are the future of leadership. Let’s face it in these times of fast paced technological change the current hierarchical structure cannot support speedy innovation nor does it inspire teams to work towards a mission. So does this mean no more ‘leaders’? Not really……
wp-post-imageassets-09The Ages of Humanity have moved across the spectrum to where we are now which is the age of conscious evolution. What does this mean? It means that we now 'choose to evolve' in a way that supports humanity and moves the planet towards greater access for all to abundance, peace and a joyful life. This evolution requires a shift in the way we use language and especially those of us in leadership roles. The leadership evolution has moved from authoritarian and autocratic toward inclusive and collaborative. The language that is associated with autocratic leadership typically includes a lot use of the words 'I' and "you" and "targets" and "ROI" etc.
sandbergStatistics and research shows that one of the biggest threats to organizations today is losing good talent to competitors. As the global economy improves more employees are looking for better jobs and specifically in the technology industry where there is a challenge with turnover. I made a statement earlier in this book that people don’t leave their jobs they leave their leaders. So what can we do to keep our good people?   A recent study conducted by the American Psychological Association found that there is common leadership traits that each of the generations are looking for in their leaders. They identified sixteen leadership practices and asked the multi-generational group to rate the level of importance of each of these sixteen factors. The factors were:  

Can you remember when you worked for a leader who inspired you to grow, learn and work harder?

 Tune in and remember what energy that leader had/has- what would you say that leaders ‘energy signature’ was?

 For example Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook  energy brand is feminine leadership and how women can lead effectively with an integrated masculine/feminine approach.

 Oprah’s energy is wise and inspiring – perfect for helping millions of people to learn and grow.

 Last month I worked for a major healthcare company and the VP who spoke before me said that it was important for all of his leaders to focus on ‘energy management’.