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Personal High Performance Keynote

Cheryl Cran Keynote Speaker and Author

Lead With Energy, Passion and Power

We are all working in a rapid-fire change reality- it can be a challenge to have the stamina, the energy and the passion to keep growing and going!

Through my research and subsequent leadership development solutions, I- like other successful people and organizations- have tapped into the secret of creating on-going extraordinary results and increasingly better performance.

What’s the secret?

“Everyone is a Leader” AND everyone needs to increase his or her Passion, Energy and Personal Power individually in order to create the extraordinary, sustainable positive change and growth collectively.

This powerful, inspiring keynote provides solid research, insights and evolutionary tools to help individuals to increase energy, reignite passion and step into the next level of personal power.

Attendees will leave this session with:

  • A personal power process visual that identifies ‘how’ you are motivated and whether you gain more energy from intrinsic or extrinsic motivators
  • A deeper understanding of the power of positive stress and how to leverage it to reach personal and professional goals
  • A checklist that helps to identify what gives you energy and what does not and what to do to stay focused on what gives you energy
  • A greater understanding of the power of emotional intelligence and how mastering this skill increases personal power
  • The four levels of the sought after leadership awareness model I developed and how to leverage it to increase passion and energy

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Rave Review

“Your keynote on personal power was just what we needed, we have been going through massive ongoing change and will continue to do so. Your message reminded everyone that they have the skills and the talent to drive business forward AND that they can do that with energy, passion and power. Amazingly your message appealed to the mixed audience of multiple generations and the majority of the 600 attendees rated you 5 stars.
Your research and understanding of our culture and was a nice touch that personalized your message. The combination of stories, statistics and movie clips resulted in a dynamic ending to our conference. It was a resounding success!”

-SVP TD Canada Trust Western Region

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