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Leading the Generations

  IKEAI frequently use the IKEA cartoon to demonstrate how quickly we need to get new hires up to speed. With today’s fast paced workplace leaders do not have the luxury of slow uptake with new hires.   In addition in today’s reality most leaders are hiring more often as the ‘time on job’ reality shifts from long term to shorter term. For example a Gen Y will stay on the job for a maximum of three years in today’s work environment.   So how do you as a leader ensure that you increase your hiring success?
you_are_special You may have seen the viral article published in the Huffington Post claiming that Gen Y's are full of self importance and because of the gap between their expectations and reality they are unhappy. The article labelled them as "GYPSY's" to read the article go here: I have trouble with the tone of this article and the one sided view from which it was written.
The many focuses and projects of a leader can be overwhelming. Often we can feel as if we are not making much headway with the many priorities we have. We may be focused on project outcomes, priorities that our boss has mandated and other tasks.
Things are moving faster than ever before, new policies, restructures, new CEO’s, new management all of these changes require us to be able to lead change quickly and effectively. This means being super adaptable- leaders who are the most adaptable are those who will be the most successful in the next decade.
Have you ever wondered what the biggest challenges are that my clients are facing or that organizations are facing? Today I am going to share with you the three challenges that I would say
What is your leadership strength? Is it vision? Is it strategy? Many of us may have strength in one are of leadership and that is where we place our focus and our efforts- if it’s easy we will do it. However a great leader is able to draw on their natural abilities and strengths while balancing with areas that may have to be developed.
{EAV_BLOG_VER:6d6748bd507bad5e} If someone had told me a year ago that I would be jumping off of a bridge over raging rapids with a cord tied around my chest I would have said you were crazy! On September 30th I did just that! My family and I went to Whistler Bungee and we proceeded to each bungee jump in our own way. My daughter jumped tandem with her boyfriend, my husband went backwards and I jumped forwards.
Engaged leaders equals engaged employees which equals growth and innovation. The leadership model is changing as the workplace evolves into a more democratized environment. The biggest opportunity for all organizations right now is to provide tools and training to their leaders on how to lead in the new workplace of multiple personality types, multiple generations and unparalleled technological change.