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Cheryl Cran Keynote Speaker and Author

“I’ve worked with Cheryl several times and each event she knocks it out of the park. She listens to what you need and what you are trying to achieve with your event, she brings a practical message with memorable visuals that inspire the audience. Evaluations of Cheryl’s presentations are always very high marks. She’s authentic, dynamic and professional.  She delivers every time!”

Chief Executive Officer – CREW Network Foundation

“Cheryl worked with the City Clerk’s Office on our first city-wide retreat. The retreat focused on the broad topics of innovation and leadership change. We invited speakers to our retreat that were both internal and external customers to our organization. The best thing about working with Cheryl is that in addition to being warm, energetic resourceful and interactive, she knew how to pull all the elements together to make the retreat meaningful to participants.  Cheryl’s expertise and effort could be seen in the pre-planning of the event and during the day-and-half long retreat. During the retreat, Cheryl was masterful in tying together and relating the different presentations into a coherent and meaningful program, as well as enticing new ideas and viewpoints from her participants.”

City Manager – City of Coral Gables

“Cheryl Cran was the closing keynote speaker for our 2017 Worker Experience Tour in Atlanta and Chicago, and she was phenomenal! Great energy to close the day and leave attendees inspired to take action.

Cheryl’s future of work research highlighted the need for a focus on worker experience as a means to creating a great customer experience. She provided both ideas and solutions for leaders to be future of work ready. Feedback from attendees was excellent and they loved how Cheryl really made them think!

Cheryl was a true team player. Our events were a huge success, and we thank her for her part in that.”

Marketing Director – Appirio

“We invited Cheryl to join us as keynote speaker at our annual 2017 Canadian Association for University Continuing Education conference.
Cheryl’s keynote “Leading In The Currents Of Change” was perfect for our group of educators. Cheryl prepared by surveying our attendees ahead of time and she customized her talk to address our unique needs and context. Conference delegates were appreciative of this tailored approached. Cheryl’s keynote challenged our thinking on how we need to develop innovation mindsets as change leaders and how we need to prepare continuing education students to be ready for the work of the future. Cheryl’s models on the change cycle and on the four stages to upgrade leaderships were very useful tools that we could take away and apply right away. We valued her collaborative approach towards making our conference a huge success.”

Dean pro tem Lifelong Learning – Simon Fraser University

“We had Cheryl present, “Transformational Leadership – Breaking Down Silos” at our PRSM national conference and she was a hit with our discerning group of attendees. In the retail facilities profession, many of our association members are challenged with how to collaborate, innovate and lead at higher levels. Cheryl’s session provided research on the future of work, provocative insights on the leadership needed, and insightful ideas on how to bridge silos and build a more collaborative and creative culture. Her style of high energy and use of fun interaction, movie clips and video insights was impactful. Cheryl provided calls to action and examples of ‘how to’ be a transformational leader who can lead change now and into the future of work. As a result of Cheryl’s solid content and high ratings, we decided to bring her back to present at our Mid-Year Conference.”

Vice President of Professional Development – PRSM Association

“On behalf of the Legal Innovation Zone and LexisNexis Canada, I would like to thank you for your keynote presentation at our Innovation Summit on Monday. The feedback we have received about the event and your keynote, in particular, has been nothing but positive. Your presentation was the perfect way for us to recap the day, contemplating innovation in a broader sense.”

Project Manager – Legal Innovation Summit Team

“Cheryl Cran, Future of Work and Change Leadership expert was absolutely fantastic with her keynote “The Future of Work – Everyone is a Change Leader” – we had comments such as “Cheryl was the BEST keynote speaker we have ever had” as well as “Cheryl’s style of using interaction along with fun and compelling content was phenomenal”. Our VIP’s each got a copy of Cheryl’s book “The Art of Change Leadership – Driving Transformation In a Fast Paced World” and were so excited to talk with Cheryl after her keynote while she signed each of their copies. Cheryl and her office manager Michelle are a dynamite team – easy to work with before, during and after the event. Thank you Cheryl for helping us to provide supreme value to our attendees of AIIM 2017″ 
G. Clelland, VP Events, AIIM
“We had Cheryl join us as a Keynote Speaker for our GEA Conference in Puerto Vallarta in January 2017. Cheryl’s keynote The Future of Farming is NOW! was a major success with our audience of discerning dealers and customers in the agriculture industry. Her direct yet engaging style and thought provoking research created quite the buzz with our group. Cheryl provided insights on the future of leadership and how leadership is evolving in response to increasing technology and demographic changes. She challenged the group to evolve their leadership skills by upgrading their ‘operating systems’ which includes being more creative, innovative and increased abilities to lead multi generational teams. Her strategies on recruiting and retaining were eye opening and we loved that she provided ‘calls to action’ for the audience to take back to their workplaces. Cheryl was a major hit with our group!” 
CEO, GEA Farm Technologies USA
“We had our annual Gartner Conference for Data Center, Infrastructure, & Operations professionals and we brought back Cheryl Cran, future of work and change leadership expert, to present as part of our leadership track. Cheryl’s session Leadership@The Core of Change was pre-booked and full once again this year. Our discerning audience of IT leaders are looking for tangible solutions, ideas and inspiration as they are being tasked with enabling, influencing and transforming their work places for the future of work. Cheryl delivered exactly what was needed and more – her research and statistics, which were presented in video, and her interactive direct style was a true hit with our group. We look forward to working with Cheryl again.” 
Gartner Summits
“Cheryl Cran was our 2nd day Keynote in the morning for our annual conference September 2016 and in a word ‘WOW!’ Cheryl brings incredible energy, insights, usable ideas and so much more in her keynotes. Our group loved her engaging and inclusive style including having the audience text message and use social media to ask her questions throughout her keynote – very hip! . She had us laughing and she had us taking a good look at ourselves to see if we were being change leaders. Love the balance of audience interaction along with very powerful models that provide people with the ‘how’ to be more creative and how to be more adaptable for the future of work. Everyone left her session feeling empowered, emboldened and ready to tackle the future now!” 
J. Moore, BC Financial Healthcare Professionals Society

“Cheryl Cran was a keynote speaker at our User Conference – and in a word she was ‘wonderful’. Her keynote “Leading Change in a Fast Paced & Technological Workplace,” was perfect for our group of healthcare professionals. People loved her fast and on-point delivery along with her models that showed ‘how’ to be a change leader and the skills that are needed. The focus on real-time creative solutions was important for this group and the action items gave everyone some very useful items to put into action back on the job. Cheryl models what she talks about – before, during and after the keynote she was flexible and easy to work with. We would highly recommend Cheryl for your conference!”

Tricia Chiama, InSight, Sr. Coordinator, Education and Learning Services

“Cheryl Cran was a key asset to our Annual General Meeting, bringing energy and excitement as our keynote speaker at the open and close of our conference. Cheryl shared her insights and knowledge on the future of work and change leadership, customizing her presentation to our business and audience. We worked closely with her to ensure the messaging throughout the meeting was aligned, relevant, and of high-value for our partner group. She helped to inspire our team, leaving people with ideas they could put into action right away in today’s rapidly changing world and workplace. We truly appreciated having Cheryl as our keynote and thank her for her contributions motivating our firm to think and act different to achieve success in the future.”

Pat Kramer, CEO 

“Cheryl Cran was our keynote speaker at our annual SilkRoad Conference and in a word she was superb! Our tech savvy HR audience were completely wowed by Cheryl’s style and delivery of very valuable, relevant and important content regarding change leadership and the future of work. Cheryl challenged all of us to ‘upgrade our leadership OS’ and to leverage our creativity real time.She provided the context our audience needed to understand how to lead and manage impactful change.”

J. Shackleton, CEO Silkroad

“Cheryl was one of our keynote speakers at our annual leaders summit – Cheryl’s keynote Future of Work Is Now was a great fit for our group. The financial industry is in massive change and disruption – Cheryl provided research and tools for our leaders to increase creativity and innovation while having fun. Her message helped to remind us of the things we need to do daily as leaders which is to inspire growth and innovation. The video with statistics and the case study examples she gave of companies that are on the leading edge of future of work strategies helped give context to what we are already doing really well and what we can continue to improve. Our discerning group of leaders were inspired and Cheryl wove in key messages from the previous speakers making it a great closing keynote to our conference!”

L. Skinner, CEO First West

“We had Cheryl as our keynote speaker and her presentation “The Energetic States – The Secret to Productivity and Performance in the Workplace” was very well received by our delegates. Cheryl’s pre-event survey,  which we sent out on her behalf, allowed her to customize her program and based on the responses that she received, she developed a presentation that was filled with great energy from the beginning to the end. Cheryl’s research into the future of work and her strategies on how to lead change by harnessing energy was leading edge. Thank you Cheryl!”

T. Tse Manager, Events

“Cheryl Cran’s keynote “The Future of Work – Are You Ready” aligned perfectly with the HRIA Conference theme ‘Navigating Booms and Busts’.  Cheryl took the time to truly get to know our attendees before delivering this highly customized closing keynote. Cheryl’s pre-conference survey and her arrival the morning of the session to view the presentations of the day to weave their content into her closing comments was outstanding. Cheryl’s use of research, solid tools to help us with the ‘how’ and fun interactive style was a hit with our discerning audience. She engaged the group through text questions and our Twitter hashtag was trending during and after her session. Cheryl is an absolute pleasure to work with.”

J Chapman, CMP

“Cheryl Cran knocked it out of the park! Cheryl was the opening keynote at our annual conference on April 1st, 2016 and was a perfect start to the day. She was captivating, motivating, with lots of great laughs throughout! Her message was on-topic and highly relevant in today’s changing workplace. I would highly recommend her for your conference!”

Conference Chair, CUMA

“Thanks again for an AMAZING session yesterday.  My crowd is a hard one to please, and I immediately received a lot of positive feedback after your speech. You had the team energized, attentive and participating in what was the last conference of a 2-day kickoff.  Not an easy task. I would recommend you anytime! Thanks again and I hope that our paths can cross in the near future.”

CBC & Radio-Canada Media Solutions

“Cheryl Cran was our closing keynote speaker at our GAM conference for internal auditors – what a perfect fit! Her presentation on Leading Change was spot on for the challenges and opportunities of our leaders in our industry. Cheryl’s pre event survey gathered audience intelligence that helped her to fully customize her presentation.  In addition, she went above and beyond by researching the presentations before her to incorporate relevant components into her presentation. She was fun, direct and provided provocative and compelling leadership strategies for our group. Loved that she provided “action items” at the end for people to take away ideas and implement in their practice settings. I highly recommend Cheryl for your event or conference.”

Director, Conference, Institute of Internal Auditors

“Cheryl Cran was our luncheon keynote speaker at our NOHRC 2016 Conference – her keynote Lead with 2020 Vision – Change Leadership for HR Professionals was so right on for our group of HR professionals ! Her message of change leadership and being ready for the future of work now is exactly what we all needed to hear. Cheryl had our audience engaged, interacting, tweeting furiously and texting her questions that she answered very directly and thoughtfully. We received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our attendees – we would definitely highly recommend Cheryl Cran for your conference or event!”

Chair of NOHRC Conference 2016

“We recently had Cheryl Cran as a keynote speaker as part of our Leadership Essentials Program. This program is designed for our Global Leadership Team and over 160 participants from across North America, the UK and Mauritius attended. Cheryl’s delivery of “The Future of Work Requires Change Agility” was a great fit for this audience and for our organization. In particular, I appreciated her ability to connect her knowledge of change leadership with the extremely rapid change that we are experiencing. I received tweets and texts from our global leaders expressing how much they valued the session and how pleased they were to learn that we are gifting them with a copy of Cheryl’s book “The Art of Change Leadership – Driving Transformation In a Fast Paced World”. I can happily recommend Cheryl Cran for your event or webinars!”

Vice President, Employee and Leadership Learning

“Cheryl Cran was our keynote for the Central 1 Credit Union conference and she was the absolute perfect choice! Her keynote based on her new book, The Art of Change Leadership was exactly what our group of Credit Union leaders needed. Many of the leaders commented that they learned something new, that they valued the approach Cheryl takes on future of work and change leadership. Her keynote style is fun, interactive, thought provoking and most of all provides practical ideas that leaders can put to use right away. Cheryl was THE highlight of our conference.”

Central 1 Credit Union

“We had Cheryl Cran as our keynote speaker for our recent client meeting and her message of “Leading Change In a Fast Paced & Technological Workplace” was on point. We wanted a tech savvy and people savvy expert who could deliver a message to our clients that would add value to them in the healthcare industry and also provide messaging of the changing workplace. Cheryl’s style of having fun while delivering an important and much needed message of a ‘shared leadership’ approach, collaborating with the generations and leveraging technology was received by our attendees with great enthusiasm. We asked for ‘take away’ messages that could be applied and Cherylgave us that and more- we would definitely work with Cheryl again”.

Chair/Organizer – Fifth Annual Crowe Healthcare Summit 2015

“Cheryl Cran is not Sheryl Crow but she is a rock star none the less! We had Cheryl as our closing keynote speaker for a series of programs for our leadership groups. Cheryl worked with us on over a dozen events where she delivered to about 6000 general managers in total from the AT&T system. Her keynote, “Lead with 2020 Vision” was THE icing on the proverbial cake of our two day events. Her ability to weave in the messages of the other presenters, her ability to engage the groups with humor, fun, authenticity and provocative thought was quite simply amazing and EXACTLY what we needed as a close to our events. “Her stage presence, her use of audience interaction and her depth of knowledge on how today’s leaders can lead change, transform people and grow business in the digital age was the reason we hired her and she is so easy to work with, it was a pleasure to have her on our team. “We would definitely work with Cheryl again.”

VP, AT&T University

“Cheryl Cran was highly recommended by another Kaiser group she had worked with- and we recently hired her as our closing Keynote Speaker for our annual meeting – what a perfect fit! Cheryl’s message was fully customized based on our business, our diverse audience and she closed our conference beautifully.

“She was able to weave in content from other elements of the program as well as tune in to the unique challenges that people in our teams are dealing with and provide inspiring ideas. Her business background and experience along with her intuitive insights and dynamic delivery provided our group with inspiration and was a fantastic way to wrap up our conference!”

VP Federal Employee Benefits

“Cheryl Cran was keynote speaker for the Hospitality Leadership Forum, part of the International Hotel, Motel & Restaurant Show. Our audience of hospitality industry leaders and students embraced Cheryl’s message of ‘shared leadership’ and the need to upgrade his or her leadership operating system. Cheryl’s presentation was multidimensional and engaging thanks to her audience interaction, humor, and technology. Cheryl encouraged attendees to text and tweet throughout – a great boost to the level of engagement. The feedback received from our attendees was extremely positive, and she was a terrific addition to our conference program.”

K.Moore, Director Convention & Events

“Cheryl Cran facilitated our annual Executive Strategy meeting in February 2014 and we are ecstatic with the results. With Cheryl’s help we were able to refocus and gain clarity on our brand message to our customers, what needs to happen internally to fulfill the brand promise and what we as executive leaders need to transform in order to lead the company into its next level of success. Cheryl spent time with me and the team prior to the strategy meeting in a series of conference calls to gather input and data to help form the direction of the strategy meeting. She created an online survey to gather information and personal views on the challenges and the opportunities for the company and how the executive team viewed the future. Cheryl has a unique ability to gather tremendous data and content, sift through it and then provide a clear and simple pathway that helps the leaders and the business to grow. Her style is direct yet fun and she is deeply insightful into the personal growth needed by each individual in order for him or her to be able to contribute at higher levels to the overall goals of the company. Cheryl as a leadership expert  is consultative, creative and results focused we look forward to working with her again.”

Omnitel Communications, Ron Laudner, CEO

“Cheryl Cran’s presentation to our group of Executive, Senior Leaders and others was in a word, TIMELY! We had our bi-annial leadership conference and Cheryl was the closing speaker for our two day event. Her ability to weave in content that is current to the corporate situation as well as present in a way that is fun, intelligent and thought provoking is amazing. We have had overwhelmingly positive feedback from Cheryl’s session with comments that her message was the perfect close to the two day event and that they felt inspired and willing to shift their approach in their work as a result of hearing her.

“Cheryl brought research, the ability to connect, global intelligence and more to help make our conference a remarkable success.”

D. Dumont, HR Executive

“Cheryl Cran’s keynote on Lead Change with 2020 Vision was right on the money! Our EO Arizona Chapter members are entrepreneurs who have highly successful businesses and they were riveted by the content and the business relevance of Cheryl’s presentation. She has the unique ability to zone in on the diversity of the group – we had over three dozen industries in the audience – and she is able to provide cutting edge research that validates the need for business leaders to lead change to grow the business utilizing effective communication skills with a multigenerational work environment.

“Her change solutions include leveraging technology, strategically using social media, rewiring the leadership operating system and so much more. The feedback from our group of entrepreneurs who attended was that they thought Cheryl’s Keynote provided them with the most take home value than anything they had attended in previous learning events.

“We will definitely work with Cheryl again!”

Executive Organization, Arizona

“Cheryl Cran was our keynote speaker on the 2nd day of our UniverCITZy Conference for the BC Ministry of Technology, Innovation and Citizens’ Services and she also did a follow up workshop as well as addressed our Executive Team at breakfast. Cheryl’s keynote Lead with 2020 Vision and her workshop The Evolutionary Leader were extraordinary! She absolutely had our audiences both live and livestream remote audiences wanting more. Cheryl’s unique delivery style includes connecting quickly and intimately with the group, providing insightful and thought provoking concepts , practical ideas and solutions for us to implement. Her music had us dancing in our seats, the interactivity had us engaged and the content had us expand our thinking.  We will definitely work with Cheryl again!”

S. Biblow, Senior Advisor, People & Organizational Performance

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