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I had the pleasure of interviewing Chris Barbin CEO of Appirio - his insights on future of work and technology and next generation workforces are eye opening and encouraging! Check out the audio interview here: [audio mp3=""][/audio] ...

There has been a lot of social media buzz about robotics and the impact on the workplace. Some industries such as manufacturing are embracing the robotics revolution as it solves the shortage of worker dilemma for repetitive tasks that can be programmed. The fear of robots...

masteryofselfI was recently interviewed for Ignite magazine on the impact of technology on leaders and how it is increasing the sense of 'overwhelm' for many leaders. One of the questions was why technology is causing more stress not less and the answer is actually quite simple- because people are the ones experiencing the stress! Fundamentally a change in how we work and live requires an adaptation and an ability to evolve and reorganize to the next level of perception. Technology is simply a tool, just like an axe or a shovel were the original 'technologies'. How we choose to use the tool is determined by ourselves.
TIME When TIME magazine has a title like "The Mindfulness Revolution" on its cover we know that there is a movement and that is becoming more prevalent as technology continues to speed things up for all of us. The research that has been done on the impact of mindfulness activities and its positive impact on managing stress as well as increasing creativity is irrefutable. I believe that the resources that have been available for personal development are going to become more and more useful for leaders and their teams within organizations. Technological speed and its increasing impact on how we process information is causing a 'stress' backlash. Many people report feeling anxious and overwhelmed on a more frequent basis and this is attributed to the chaotic fast paced change of today's reality.
cloud                   Is technology changing the world for the better? for worse? It depends on the 'lens' you view it through- if you are a believer that technology is changing the world for the better than you will embrace new technology, you embrace the openness that technology and social media is creating in the world. You are excited about the potential of increasing connection and value through the tools of technology. If you view technology through the lens that is making things worse then you resist new technology, you will fear the loss of privacy, you will mourn the use of mobile phones, texting and social media. You will think that we have 'lost' something rather than 'gained' and you may even choose to not participate with technology at all.
Cheryls Graph v3               The lens with which you view change determines if you are a leader of change or an adapter to change. I recently worked with a group of educators and change is part of their lexicon - many are on the leading edge of change. Prior to that I was working with a group of CEO's in a variety of industries such as hospitality, restaurant, non profit, technology, manufacturing, insurance and more. As a researcher I have researched many of the psychological factors as it relates to change and it is always quite easy to discern between those leaders who are leaders of change and those who are reluctant adapters to change.