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Mergers, acquisitions, hurricanes, oh my! What's a leader to do but increase ability to build disruption tolerance in times of intense uncertainty. I have blogged before about the gifts of disruption and that every disruption is an invitation to reconfigure, review and reinvent ourselves and our...

BELL-6437-2Have you ever had one of those days or even weeks where everything goes just a wee bit crazy? People get angry for seemingly no reason or the wheels come off of a project that seemed to be going along well or you get triggered by someones behavior in a highly reactive way. When things get chaotic it is often a sign and a time for us as leaders to hit the 'reset' button. When we are on the other side of the period of time of chaos we can see that there was a necessary 'clearing' of energy or an opportunity to 'clear the air' and start anew with greater awareness and learning. When we are in the 'crazy' stuff we often ask ourselves 'why' stuff is happening or we may overreact to the situation or the way other people are behaving.