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In the past week I have had conversations with leaders in companies in industries ranging from legal to finance to healthcare and every single leader lamented to me that they were going through a period of many Millenials/ Gen Y's leaving their company. In the case...

There are four leadership trends coming in 2017 - are you ready? 2016 has been quite the year - major disruptions, political instability, business mergers, and fast changing workplace dynamics. The rapid pace of change is not going away, rather it is the new normal. Rather than...

Can you envision a future of work where it will be all games and no work? Imagine that you get a text as soon as you get to work that says, "get ready to play" and that you are given the option of either using your...

happy-employees It's time for leaders to wake up and smell the coffee.....employees are no longer guaranteed to stay with an employer for long periods of time. The evolution of the workplace is happening so quickly- whereas in the '80's and '90's you could hire someone and expect him or her to stay with the company for upwards of ten years or more today that is just not true. With shifting demographics and particularly Gen X and Gen Y there is a shift towards multi sector experience versus staying with one employer for an entire career. Harvard Business Review in October 2013 stated that having multiple employers on a resume was now a good thing- it showed that the employee had multi-sector experience and brought more value to future employers. In the past having many different employers listed on a resume was viewed as 'unstable' or 'disloyal' and some leaders still hold this opinion.

90I have heard from many leaders over the years who are frustrated with a few of his or her employees who are difficult, under performing or not contributing to the team.

When I have listened to those leaders I observe that they exhibit low energy, they use a lot of blaming language and they are feeling powerless.

Here's the deal- leadership is a job that requires the desire to help others to grow, it is a job that requires the commitment to developing the skills of others as well as being the model of calm the majority of the time.

sandbergStatistics and research shows that one of the biggest threats to organizations today is losing good talent to competitors. As the global economy improves more employees are looking for better jobs and specifically in the technology industry where there is a challenge with turnover. I made a statement earlier in this book that people don’t leave their jobs they leave their leaders. So what can we do to keep our good people?   A recent study conducted by the American Psychological Association found that there is common leadership traits that each of the generations are looking for in their leaders. They identified sixteen leadership practices and asked the multi-generational group to rate the level of importance of each of these sixteen factors. The factors were: