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The days of the lone wolf are long gone. The arguments that it takes too long to include diverse opinions do not hold water. Research by Cloverpop states that decisions are 87% more successful when made by teams. In addition diverse teams increase the success factor...

A new team-centric structure is arising among businesses and governments around the world, according to a recent Economist article. To be agile in today's fast-paced, digital marketplace, leaders are shifting away from traditional hierarchical models and are restructuring to build dynamic networks of highly empowered teams....

Every day we see and hear about the impact of fast paced change. The fear based view of the future is that there will be no jobs left for humans and that we will live and work in a world overrun by robots. The abundance based view...

Innovation and creativity are key future of work collateral AND you need a plan to create the future. The best way to compete in the future is to create it. Leaders and entrepreneurs can generate a plethora of ideas but no idea no matter how bold will...

We are in an increasingly competitive environment when it comes to attracting top talent. Fortune 500 article indicates there are 5 million jobs that companies are looking to fill in 2018. The days of a recruiter requiring numerous interviews to hire someone are gone for now. A lot...

The trends that are impacting 2018 include how we work, the what and the why of work and the technology impact. Check out this week's video on the 3 trends/focus for 2018. Please share with your colleagues and please do share your comments and thoughts. What do you...

2017 was a big year! We could say that 2017 was the year where all that was hidden or underground came to light. Without question we are going to continue to see massive disruptions in all industries due to technology, automation, AI, robotics and more. The disruption...

Future ready leaders question the status quo - challenge assumptions and ask better questions. In the past leaders didn't question the rules, they followed them and they didn't challenge the status quo they did what he or she was told. Today, following the rules can lead to...

I attended the Singularity University three day certification program on Exponential Innovation in Silicon Valley this past week and today I presented on Future of Work to the meetings and hospitality industry in Miami. The future of work is firmly here now and digital disruptions continue...

With all of the media going crazy with emerging stories about misconduct continuing to come forward we have clearly entered the era of "glass houses" being shattered.  What has been underground is coming to light and what has been tolerated is now being shown as unacceptable...