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Want to know the top ten places to work in 2017 and why? This list is compiled by Fortunes 100 Best Companies to Work For and the criteria for selection is through surveys, each year Fortune partners with Great Place to Work to conduct the most...

The future of work is here now - is 2016 the year that the workforce awakens? Star Wars - The Force Awakens has surpassed the one billion dollar mark in twelve days of release. Whether you are a fan or not there has definitely been an...

2014 has been a year of technological innovations, increasing speed of change and leaders working to stay abreast of changes while innovating, engaging teams and growing the business. The biggest shift for businesses from 2014 to 2015 is a shift to doing business in a new way, an evolutionary way that includes upgrading the leadership OS.

futureofworkThe future of work is here with us now.

What does it take for leaders and teams to be ready and to have the skills needed to match the speed of change and the speed of technology?

It takes a new operating system and specifically a new leadership operating system. Leaders and teams need to rewire the brain and to apply new evolutionary ways of thinking and doing things in order to morph to the fast changing business reality.

intranetIt is part of the human 'wiring' to want to connect. Scientists and psychologists alike have proven that individuals who have meaningful connections are healthier and happier.

Well what if I told you that the key to your work happiness is your desire and willingness to connect across the 'silos' ?

Many organizations are striving to reach a 2020 workplace by being more agile, being more innovation and collaborative and leaders know that it is these very attributes that are going to keep them in business.

Silos will never completely go away especially in large organizations, departments and specialty functions are a necessary part of corporate. However the most dynamic and quick to change companies will achieve cross pollination between silos and integrated work teams that include members of all departments.  So how do we break down silos?

mindsetIn my work as an evolutionary leadership and change expert I work with leaders ranging from new leaders to senior executive leaders and the one key factor that stands out with master leaders of change is: mindset.

I am not talking about positive attitude here I am talking about an 'evolved' mindset that integrates intellectual intelligence with emotional intelligence with psychological intelligence.

In today's fast paced reality and with the ongoing innovation in technology we as humans must be 'rewiring' our hardware and that means focusing our mindset on being open, flexible and creative.


90I have heard from many leaders over the years who are frustrated with a few of his or her employees who are difficult, under performing or not contributing to the team.

When I have listened to those leaders I observe that they exhibit low energy, they use a lot of blaming language and they are feeling powerless.

Here's the deal- leadership is a job that requires the desire to help others to grow, it is a job that requires the commitment to developing the skills of others as well as being the model of calm the majority of the time.

accontability Change always creates discomfort- I think the saying is that change is inevitable and growth is optional. You may remember the story of the frog who was put into lukewarm water and it was so comfortable that it never wanted to leave- each day the temperature of the water was increased until eventually the water was boiling and the frog never jumped out! The level to which each of us protects the status quo is where we also suffer because our desire to defend and protect will override our desire to grow. That is unless you believe or learn to believe that being uncomfortable is good and it is in the discomfort that we evolve. A strong influencer on me these days and I have mentioned him in the past- Donny Epstein is a pioneer in the mind/body connection to change. Science has backed his concepts and strategies and his ideas on how humans need to adapt are evolutionary. His research has shown that the more flexible and adaptable we can become as humans the more we wills strive to create 'thriving' lives rather than merely surviving.