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Change, chaos, disruption it is all around us. Interestingly the way we handle disruptions can determine the future. Here are the top ten "gifts" of disruption. Breakthrough inertia - Disruption of any kind whether it be personal or professional creates a new pattern and it...

Managing change is not the way forward to the future of work. The speed and rapidity of technological innovations means that a change management approach is not fast enough or agile enough for the current and future business realities. Managing change is often applied as a reactionary...

Author Cheryl Cran Announces Release of “The Art of Change Leadership - Driving Transformation in a Fast Paced World” There's no doubt that workplaces have changed dramatically in the last few years. Unfortunately, many organizations haven't adjusted their approach to be able to perform optimally in...

Manage Upwards, Co-worker Managing UpwardsFinding opportunities to manage upwards is not always easy. I was recently working with a group of Gen X and Y leaders who are in the Commercial Real Estate industry. Often when I facilitate a workshop on change and we begin to discuss the impact of different generational attitudes as it relates to change there is a lot of interest. Zoomers (baby boomers who refuse to age) are still the largest leadership demographic in the workplace today and an inflexible Zoomer can be a real challenge for anyone but especially Gen X and Y. Research has confirmed that Gen X and Y are not loyal to a brand, rather they are loyal to a leader or the opportunities within the organization. When a Gen X or Y has a Zoomer boss who is attached to traditional methods, reluctant to explore new ideas or keeps information from the team it is extremely frustrating.  
accontability Change always creates discomfort- I think the saying is that change is inevitable and growth is optional. You may remember the story of the frog who was put into lukewarm water and it was so comfortable that it never wanted to leave- each day the temperature of the water was increased until eventually the water was boiling and the frog never jumped out! The level to which each of us protects the status quo is where we also suffer because our desire to defend and protect will override our desire to grow. That is unless you believe or learn to believe that being uncomfortable is good and it is in the discomfort that we evolve. A strong influencer on me these days and I have mentioned him in the past- Donny Epstein is a pioneer in the mind/body connection to change. Science has backed his concepts and strategies and his ideas on how humans need to adapt are evolutionary. His research has shown that the more flexible and adaptable we can become as humans the more we wills strive to create 'thriving' lives rather than merely surviving.

When it comes to change I get super charged and very energetic because there is excitement, possibility and potential with change. It is an opportunity to be creative, open and 'see what comes next'. I also get that not everyone sees change the way I do...